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Personal trainer: Hugo Gonzalez

Empower Your Journey

Get fit, stay healthy, and feel amazing with customized performance training, injury rehab, and personalized nutrition plans – all designed for YOU at ReBorn Fit, Inc. Our certified and experienced trainers are here to guide you every step of the way, helping you achieve your fitness goals and reach your full potential.

Personal trainer: Miguel Gonzalez

About Us


At ReBorn Fit, Inc. we believe in only the highest standards of physical fitness training and have been a leading facility since 2013. Our staff members at ReBorn Fit, Inc. are actively enriching the lives of our members and creating a community of likeminded people who love being healthy and strong. Getting you in shape is our goal. Learn more about our methods.


Join Us Today

At ReBorn Fit, Inc. we’ve designed a number of classes for people at all levels. If you want to go far, we’ll get you there. Or if you just want to lose weight and keep active, we have the class for you. Pick and choose the classes that you like, when it best fits your schedule. Book your spot now in our next sweatfest.

Our Programs

Our Programs

Let Us Be Your Guide

Ready to reach your fitness goals, your way? Our certified personal trainers become your personalized roadmap to success. Forget feeling lost or intimidated – we'll motivate, educate, and tailor-fit a program that ignites your journey. Choose from diverse tools like weight training, bodyweight exercises, high-intensity workouts, corrective movement, core strengthening, innovative Blood Flow Restriction Training, even age-specific soccer training! Plus, fuel your progress with expert nutritional guidance. Let's unlock your potential – together.

Our Clients Say

picture of testimonial person

My name is Viviana and I’ve been part of the Reborn Fit, Inc. family for years. Thanks to Reborn Fit, Inc. I was able to to lose 25 lbs! I have trained with Miguel, Hugo, and Marlene and I could say that all trainers have made me feel welcomed at the gym as well as helped me reach my fitness goals. I have participated in multiple of their Fitness Challenges and I have seen myself improve in my performance, I’ve become stronger, and most importantly I’ve lost weight and I feel so much better about myself. If you’re looking for a new gym I’d definitely recommend trying out Reborn Fit, Inc. their team will work hard to help you reach your goals and if you dedicate your time in and out of the gym you will see the results you want.

Viviana A.


Opening Hours

Come Visit

Mon - Thurs: 5 am - 8 pm

Friday: 5 am - 7 pm
Sat: 6 am - 9 am (or by appointment)
Sun: Closed


25 E. Gabilan St. Salinas Ca. 93901

(831) 210-5036

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