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Hugo Gonzalez 

M.S. Clinical Nutrition

B.S. Kinesiology

ACSM Personal Trainer

I have been a fitness professional for the past 11 years. I believe that along with exercise and proper nutrition, the best way to achieve and maintain a healthy body (physically and mentally) is through the proper implementation of behavioral changes. My goal is to educate clients on the importance of proper form, posture, coordination, and nutrition to help them overcome any barriers and develop lifelong behavior changes through the implementation of positive behavioral changes. I’ve dedicated my career as a Fitness Professional to empowering a vast majority of individuals, from older adults to the general population, soccer collegiate athletes (men and women), and professional soccer players. I have an extended background as an Elite Soccer Trainer. Over the past 11 years, my goal has been to empower the next generation of soccer athletes in my community. Working with kids ages 5 and up as professional soccer athletes.  


Migue Gonzalez

M.S Sports Science and Rehabilitation

B.S Kinesiology

ACSM Personal Trainer

 I have worked as a Personal Trainer for about 11 years. My career goal is to expand my knowledge in rehabilitation and corrective exercises. I am passionate about health and well-being, and I appreciate that personal training has allowed me to assist my clients and take them from point A to B while changing their behaviors and moving patterns. I am eager to learn and expand my knowledge to a greater extent so I can be the resource I wish to be for my clients and those around me. 

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