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Our Story

It has been 20 years since we migrated from Mexico. We came to the United States with nothing but hopes and dreams. As 13 and 14 year olds we did not know what to expect. We experienced a new culture and a new language; all odds were against us, and not many people believed in us. Luckily, we have our grandparents (that continue to inspire and motivate us with their vivid memories), and our number one supporters, mom, dad, and sister! They sacrificed everything they had to provide a better life. Over the years, the struggles have been challenging; many barriers and obstacles had to be faced but at the same time overcome.

It took us 8-10 years to complete our Bachelors and Masters degrees, we started ReBorn Fit, Inc., with no business experience what so ever, we faced hardship, difficulties, hate, and the list goes on and on. These past 20 years in the US and 10 years of owning ReBorn Fit, Inc., has taught us to always believe in our dreams, abilities, desire to succeed, values, but most importantly do good for our community. Without the support of our community, we, ReBorn Fit, Inc., would be nothing but dreams! Let’s keep grinding, day in and day out! Life is not easy, but with the right support and a smile on your face, you can turn adversity into success!!!

The truth of the matter, is that we’re stubborn fighters who did not give up on the drive to succed, with our foundational values and morals engraved in us from birth and that we carry to this day we built this amazing fitness community. If you #envision your goals and are willing to #hustle hard, eventually you’ll be able to #conquer the world.

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